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You control your destiny in this epic office adventure. Your staff needs to be trained for a new project, and time is of the essence! But with looming project deadlines and a budget tighter than a post-Thanksgiving pantsuit, can you risk the lost productivity and expense of sending a team offsite?

You’ve just heard about a magical new tool that could help you solve everything: The Dynamic Learning Model. It features customized learning paths, adaptive content, and real-time analytics accessible on computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each team member selects when to complete an educational micro-event, and evaluations determine their unique learning paths. Your path may be different from your coworker’s, but the goals are the same—learning new material, improving skill sets, and benefitting your organization.

But will you have the courage to try it? Will you make the right decisions? And will Allan finally take his leftovers out of the shared fridge??

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The Talisman


You wipe your hands on your wool-blend pants, and your nerves escape in a short cough. “WELL?” Janet, your boss, hovers over you. “We need a decision, Marco. What’s it going to be?”

Well. What is it going to be? Are you going to have your staffers complete their new training online with the Dynamic Learning Model or ship them offsite for a week-long seminar?

Choose the Week-long Seminar.

Choose the Dynamic Learning Model.


“We’re going to move forward with the Dynamic Learning Model.” Janet stares at you and then cracks a smile. She walks over and slaps you on the back.

“Good choice, Marco. Really good choice. We’ll be able to keep our staff in the office since the Dynamic Learning Model training happens on the job.” You smile back, knowing that you’re helping employees stay productive while they learn new skills. And because you packed leftover pizza for lunch.

You’re a legend, Marco!

You head back to your desk and email to get started.

SUCCESS! Check out the Next Sample Chapter

“Marco, Marco, Marco…” Your boss, Janet, shakes her head. You know that headshake. That’s the headshake Mike P. got when he delivered the news that their department was over-budget. “I think you’ve just made the wrong choice,” she says. “Were you even thinking about all the work we’d have to make up after an offsite training?”

You quickly fumble for the talisman around your neck. You know, the one the shaman from Chapter 2 gifted you with those ominous words, “For when you need to… go back.” Now seems like a good time to go back and make the right decision.

Go back and make the right choice.



Binders of Doom


Your boss, Janet, likes, nay, LOVES results. Even more than getting the corner slice of office birthday cakes. She gives you an ultimatum to show her tangible results for staff training—or don’t bother showing up for work.

Your colleague, Marco, told you this day would come. It’s time for Janet’s test. Time to get those results. But how, Karen? How?!

You can either have the staff complete training through the online Dynamic Learning Model, which embeds learning assessments in employees’ actual day-to-day work, or go to the office basement and retrieve the binders with lessons and tests from a 1986 training course. Pick the right one because your job depends on it!

Choose the Binders of Inevitable Doom.

Choose the Dynamic Learning Model.


You confidently stride into Janet’s office. “I have something to say!” She looks up and puts her pen down.

“Yes, Karen?”

Alternating looks between Janet and the rest of the staff, you start your declaration. “We’re moving forward with the Dynamic Learning Model, and we’re going to get results.” You take a step onto the chair in front of her desk. Employees start to gather by the doorway. You turn toward them.

“The content in the Dynamic Learning Model is adaptive and will change continuously based on YOUR results. It’s not a static program. It’s LIVING! Plus—plus, we can rapidly deploy content to learners because of its agile design.” Your colleagues huddle closer.

You step up onto Janet’s desk. “And, it’s designed in iterations, which means we’ll cut back on development time and costs.”

You turn to Janet, who’s looking up at you, mouth agape. “That’s not all,” you say. “We can see how everyone’s performing in REAL-TIME. We know TODAY if yesterday’s training worked. And it. Will. Work!”

You’re suddenly out of breath. Janet slowly rises out of her chair. You maintain eye contact.

Someone starts to clap. It’s Marco. Clap. Clap. Clap. Suddenly everyone joins in. The slow clap rises to a wave of percussion. It’s deafening. You smile.

Janet clears her throat. “You’re going to need to get off my desk.” You hop off.

“Yup. Got it. 10-4.” You turn and salute her. She salutes you back.

Excellent Choices, Now Read the Reviews

You walk into Janet’s office. “I’ll get you those results. No problem. I just need the keys to the basement to get the training binders.”

Janet opens up a desk drawer and tosses you keys. She then opens up a door behind her desk and takes out a tennis racket and a bag of sand. She hands you both items and you nod. A sweatstache starts to form on your upper lip.

You get to the basement and walk toward the far end of the corridor. Bulbs flicker in the overhead lamps. You reach the door with intricate carvings, turn the key, push it open, and wait for the bats to fly out. You turn on your smartphone’s flashlight and whack the spider webs away with the racket to clear a path.

The training binder sits on a large, stone pedestal, illuminated by a single bulb. You weigh the sand bag in your hand and approach. Slowly, you take the binder off as you place the sandbag on. Binder in hand, you turn to leave.

Suddenly, there’s a loud rumbling. Cabinets SLAM DOWN from the sides of the room, papers spilling out. You bolt. You make it to the bottom of the staircase and look up. The hallway light is eclipsed by a massive water cooler jug rolling straight at you, obliterating each stair with a deafening thud.

At the top of the staircase is your colleague, Marco, holding his talisman necklace—the one the shaman gave him. He tosses it to you, screaming “USE THIS TO GO BACK!” You catch it with the jug inches from your face.

Use the Charmed Talisman to Go Back and Make the Right Choice.


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