Responsive design started here.

There was a time when the federal government did not know from responsive design. So we changed that. And ever since, the White House has consistently called out our work as exemplary among digital strategies.

Across sites. Across devices. Across the country. exists for people who have HIV or AIDS or care about someone at risk. It creates a connected community across multiple programs—five websites to date—that run seamlessly regardless of environment. From desktop to laptop. Smartphone to tablet. People who need, can reach people who care. For better, healthier lives.


visit from mobile devices

million visits in 2014

unique visitors a day


increase in mobile visits since responsive launch

The direct route to real care.

Only consistent, deft mergence of seven federal sources could create a real-time tool like this. Our user-intuitive, location-specific map highlights every HIV care service available: mental health, substance abuse, general health, housing assistance, even family planning. The gift isn’t the technology. It’s the sense of empowerment.


We couldn’t create the change around responsive design just for ourselves. We started creating the expectation across the federal government that if you’re running an AIDS organization, we want you to understand what responsive design is.
— Miguel Gomez
Director of, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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