Hunting for Insights in a Haystack?

Meet Information Insights (a.k.a., i2)

Want a better relationship with your data? Let’s start the conversation. It’s our pleasure to clean, organize, secure, even analyze your data. And our passion to craft the smart story that encourages your desired action. Nice to meet you, too!

Turn what you have into what you need.

Never mind that the amount of data you’ve collected can be described as “gobs and gobs.” Trust our experienced, enthusiastic team to help pinpoint where you are, uncover where you want to go and define exactly how to get there.

What i2 Means For You

Information Management Consulting and Implementation

Data Janitor

  • Data acquisition
  • Data cleansing
  • Data model development
  • Analytics environment architecting
  • Bringing expertise scaling

Data Science

  • Statistical model development
  • Batch and operational analytics
  • Geospatial analytics
  • Transforming raw data into more actionable intelligence

Data Storytelling

  • Analytics to business value alignment
  • Business and technical blueprints for analytics initiatives
  • Advanced data visualization
Needs Assessment, Future State Vision, Roadmap Development, Implementation
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