Digital storytelling isn’t about the “once upon a time.” It’s about engaging in real time. Connecting on a visceral level. Painting a picture that touches lives and encourages behavior change. In the case of Positive Spin, it’s also about creating a healthy ending.

5 guys. 5 stories., a microsite of, features the personal experiences of five, HIV-positive, gay, black men who have successfully navigated the HIV care continuum. Compelling, educational and emotionally engaging, the site counters the misconceptions, stigma and discrimination that continues to create significant barriers to HIV testing and treatment for all populations.

What is the HIV Continuum of care?

Just can’t put it down.

When a story is this powerful, audiences shouldn’t be stuck on their monitors. Or smartphones. Or tablets. They should be able to dive in anywhere, at any time. Thanks to ICF, Positive Spin’s responsive design isn’t a tall tale.

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Only one month into launch and our social media campaign was working its magic. From March 26 – April 22, we garnered 1,422 Likes on Facebook, 259 retweets on Twitter, 362 Likes on Instagram and, most importantly, immeasurable gratitude.

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