Be Smart.
Take Part.


Not your usual message from the President.

We know government messaging. Positive. Uplifting. But after being repeatedly faced with the unprecedented aftermath of massive disasters, the White House asked FEMA to put urgency first. Natural or man-made, it was imperative beyond reason that the general public learned how to be prepared for the unknown. Even the unthinkable.

A multi-tiered program for massive reach.

Grassroots efforts. Community engagement. And high-tier partnerships (think: Target, Walmart and more) to move everyday people. All thanks to a ridiculous amount of free earned media, thank you very much.

Sexiest PrepareAthon Alive

Free placement online at one of the world’s most read magazines. Read: We know how to strategize relationships to maximize resources for greatest impact.

We are storytellers.

Live in California? You’re worried about wildfires. Oklahoma, tornadoes. Louisiana, floods. So we separated our collateral by hazard. Allowing communities to pick only what’s relevant. Tailor their exercises. And save lives.
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