Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with lasting economic benefits. Lightbulb Moment lightheartedly engages consumers and encourages them to “get it” —
save money on energy efficient lighting, appliances and smart thermostats. It’s a quirky, fun and unexpected approach. Ah-ha!

Energy Efficient Lighting

Clear and strategic vision across point of purchase marketing, free standing inserts and digital, web and event materials engages and inspires consumers with relatable and attention-grabbing visuals.

ENERGY STAR ® Certified Appliances

Focus on Energy helps consumers make smart choices and save money every day by choosing more affordable high-performing, high-quality products. A quick how-to video guide of the Focus on Energy online marketplace allows customers to shop and compare the benefits, features and pricing of products.

Web/Social Media

A Selfie Contest targeting consumers through retail events, social media posts and advertising was launched to increase engagement and awareness. Customers were invited to share their Lightbulb Moment on social media and enter to win a free home lighting makeover.

Smart Thermostats

Insightful point of purchase materials, digital ads and tip sheets make switching to smart thermostats easy.

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