Light Bulb

Baltimore Gas & Electric


People just don’t like change. Even if change is good. Even if change is better. To affect a change in thinking, you’ve got to understand how your audience thinks. Push those buttons. Tap into those emotions. Or, in the case of environmentally friendly light bulbs, turn them on.

BGE SmartEnergy Savers Program Ad campaign - Evolve


The sell is logical: Buy these bulbs. Get instant discounts. Get a longer-lasting product. But the choice to convert is emotional. So we put a spring in the step of BGE’s seasonal promotion, leveraging humor and a fresh look to educate and delight.

Responsive Email

Who’s still chained to a desk all day? Today’s marketing demands flexibility in delivery without sacrificing consistency of brand. Responsive design guarantees a seamless email experience regardless of where messages are viewed. Bright.


(Fantastically Strategic Incentive)

Yes, we know it’s a freestanding insert. But it’s not any ol’ freestanding insert. It was an execution selected specifically to provide a tactile experience—to transform a traditional medium (print) into an interactive event to incite action and convert customers.

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