ESP + Jedi Mind Trick + ICF = quitting smokingESP + Jedi Mind Trick + ICF = quitting smoking
Smartphone displaying quitSTART title screen

Quitting smoking requires some serious mind control.

And an app designed to help smokers quit requires some serious mindreading. Fortunately, understanding exactly what makes targets tick—and act—is a staple in ICF’s wheelhouse.

Drawing on a brain having happy thoughts
Drawings of a light bulb, arrows, and a bar chart

Try before you buy.

When NCI brought us their existing QuitSTART app, they knew it wasn’t working as effectively as it could. To our Digital Experience Design team, the reason why was obvious. Users don’t want an impersonal, one-size-fits all solution.

They want to feel understood. They want an experience based on their own preferences and actions. Their moods. Their cravings. Their slip-ups. ICF’s new version turned the original model on its head and reaped an instant increase in usage as a result.

The results.

For starters, something shiny for our desks. The quitSTART app earned a Silver ADDY, a coveted piece of marketing hardware. But the real pride comes from the metrics, revealing that the true winners are the app’s users, now with the support they need to stick to a Smokefree life.

Drawing of a downward arrow surrounded by a circle


Drawing of a calendar with a page torn off

days logged as smoke-free

4 MIN, 10 SEC

average session


sessions done by returning users

Two smartphones showing screenshots from the quitSTART app

We’re in it together.

You don’t have to read minds to know the value that clients bring to the table, especially with apps: nuanced entities with layers galore. We welcomed and encouraged NCI’s participation at every stage of the development process and leveraged their intimate knowledge of the original QuitSTART program to meet their timeline, protect their budget and help get more smokers in a healthy mindset.

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