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Bite-sized pieces. That’s how Americans like their news. For the past 50 years, the Surgeon General’s Report has delivered exceedingly important and significant findings, presented in hundreds of pages of dense, clinical copy. To eradicate smoking in this country, it was time everyday Americans understood it.

Find the need.
Then fill it.

We knew there was a consumer demand for scientific information. Real facts that could be discussed at the dinner table. Since 2011, we’ve been expertly translating the full report into an uber-successful, consumer-friendly pub. How successful is “uber”? In 2014, the full report was shipped 1,871 times. The ICF-driven consumer guide: 32,223.

Let's Make the Next Generation Tobaccoo-Free
Diseases and Healh Problems

It just keeps on giving.

Invest in stunning, provoking infographics and reap the rewards. The Office on Smoking and Health got quadruple the value when infographics in the report were reused in digital promotional efforts. Social media. Web banners. These babies got legs.

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$4 million in donated media.

More than a month in Times Square. 36 million impressions. It’s hard to ignore powerful content when it’s this good. And it’s this big.

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